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Advanced Mind Dynamics

Advanced Mind Dynamics is a unique qualification to the Australian Academy of Hypnosis and specifically uses hypnosis and hypnotherapy to treat disease, illness and physical conditions.

Hypnosis Advanced Mind Dynamics utilises the mind-body connection as an allied therapy to improve the Quality of Life of cancer and Degenerative Diseases patients.

Mind Body Hypnotherapy


In 2005 in Perth Western Australia, Rick Collingwood and a pharmaceutical colleague Dr. Nathan Elliot conducted a full clinical trial to gather data on the effects of Rick’s specialised mind body hypnotherapy techniques on the quality of life of cancer patients. Read more…

If you are a sufferer of cancer, please get written permission from your medical doctor before you seek this treatment. Never, under any circumstances cease or change any medication or medical treatment with out first seeking your Medical Doctors approval.


These protocols

ARE NOT A CURE FOR CANCER OR ANY DISEASE; however they are safe effective protocols which have been shown by scientific analysis to considerably enhance the quality of life for cancer sufferers.

Hypnosis for Cancer, Psycho-Somatic Conditions, & Mind Body Healing, integrates same protocol and the five treatments as used in the successful 2005 clinical trial.

Hypnosis and cancer trial which can be converted to use with most physical and organic disease conditions.

Although the techniques are relatively easy to apply to those who have learned them, and also completely safe for those who wish to use them, it is important to understand that they are Not standard hypnosis techniques as used by most hypnotherapists.


The Medical Acceptance of Hypnosis

In 1949, the society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis was formed in the U.S and became an international society with worldwide membership just ten years later. During the 1950’s both the American and British Medical associations recognized Hypnosis in policy statements as a legitimate treatment method worthy and deserved for application in Medicine and Dentistry.

The most common uses for Mind body hypnosis are to assist with:

  • Cancer and other Degenerative Organic or Psycho-Somatic diseases

  • Skin Conditions, such as Psoriasis and Eczema

  • Panic Attacks

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic pain

And so much more...

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