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Giving you the
Freedom to heal


If you are serious about making a change you have come to the right place. Research and studies have shown that hypnotherapy can be successful for a wide variety of issues, from treating pain to improving performance. It works on a wide range of issues. It could work for you, too.

Lucia Pietralunga
- Clinical Hypnotherapist

- Ego State Therapist

- Counsellor

- Reiki Master / Practitioner

Call now on 0417517915

"I have been a drinker for 30 or so years — Lucia was phenomenal. Not judgmental, easy to talk to, and for the first time ever, I was totally honest with someone about how much I drank. It has worked brilliantly. I love the fact that I can still drink IF I choose to, and it has been ridiculously easy to choose not to drink. It’s true, and with Lucia’s help and support, you can also be where I am now."


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If so, maybe you can help by giving them a Mind Phenomenon Gift Voucher.  It could be best gift you have ever given someone.

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