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Meditation Classes Are Back!

Silence is golden - that is if you can get it; but the key is knowing how to use it.

We all get caught watching one or even more screens at the same time. Screen-time which really should be called Screen-time-addiction has taken us all by surprise and before we know hours have just disappeared and our energy and motivation depleting each day.

Turning off the screens is a great step in the right direction but we might need a helping hand to learn the other steps to feeling balanced and rejuvenated again.

Mediation has been around for thousands of years and so there must be something in it, if it is still practiced today across all religions in different formats and homes all over the world.

Regular meditation practice helps increase self awareness and improves clarity of the mind. It is a form of stress management and will allow you to experience an oasis of peace and love within your heart and mind. Something you may not have felt for a while.

But to give you a head start I’d like you to join me at our next classes to give you the guidance. Not only will you learn how to relax, but your health will benefit too.

Meditation in a group also allows you to experience the special group energy that may not be attained when you meditate on your own.

And don’t worry this is suitable for beginners, no gurus required, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the moments of stillness.

The classes will be held in Werribee over a seven week period, with the same group every week. Bring a friend or make new ones and we will always end the session with a light chat and cup of tea.

Click below for more information about mediation or register your interest with me on the link below, this way I can keep you updated as information comes to hand and you won’t miss out on a spot


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